Alternate History

Alternate History is a 2017 beats project I'm doing where I take beats I have written and combine them with acapella's from the world's greatest rappers to create new music. Some of these beats are from the 2017 beats project and some are bi-products. Mostly all sampled sounds though and some drum machines/virtual instruments. Note: these tracks contain explicit lyrical content.

Disclaimer: I didn't write or record any of the acapella's and I just do this for fun. But if you like these beats you can use this button to buy me a coffee.

  1. Another dark night

    ft Aesop Rock

  2. Closet

    ft Eminem

  3. On My Mind

    ft Jay Z

  4. Off the Top

    ft Redman and Method Man

  5. Coupes

    ft Notorious B.I.G.

  6. Rewind

    ft Lil Wayne

  7. Ame

    ft Method Man and Notorious B.I.G.

  8. Cornered

    ft Common

  9. Learn How to Add

    ft Mos Def

  10. Luigi's

    ft Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes

  11. Alleys

    ft Big Pun

  12. On Point

    ft A Tribe Called Quest

  13. Knockin

    ft Big Pun