Hi! I am Luke and I felt obliged to put up a page about me here. The other pages are all more interesting, but maybe you're also wondering who put all this junk together so that's really the point of this page.

I am currently a full-time Web Developer for Scribd.com. I work on the team that builds everything under the .com domain there and have implemented several key projects such as the Epub Reader, the Audiobook player, the login/account creation flow and a plethora of landing pages. I also helped implement localization utilizing I18n; which was quite the beast of a project.

Outside of work, I work on this website and all the things that I showcase here. My main two passions being beat making and language study. I started both of these projects sometime in 2014 when I was spending alot of time commuting on a train and wanted to repurpose that time. Since then though, they have grown into something more that I dedicate much of my time to.

Tools that I use for web dev: Sublime Text, JavaScript/Coffeescript, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS/LESS/SASS, PUG Templates, YAML, MongoDB/MySQL, Codekit, Terminal/Bash, my hands

Tools that I use to make beats: MPC1000, SP-202, DR-202, Logic Pro, DM1, Vinyl, Arturia Keyboard, Tascam 4-track, Guitar, Vox digital delay, Audacity, iOS music apps, my ears, my environmnet

Want to work on something together? I like building small scale static or dynamic websites and I am new to it, but also willing to work on music related projects whether it be an album, game or whatever. Just shoot me an email and say Hi!

If you like anything I do, you can use this button to buy me a coffee. Thanks for checking out my stuff!