It's time for me to admit this website is out of date and poorly maintained. In 2017, that's just not acceptable! I've been up to many things though and have a lot of new ideas to apply here. So, I will set up a small road map for what I am planning.

  1. Get this site updated so it is running on the most current version of node and express
  2. Turn navigation in to a proper component
  3. Make Jukebox in to component
  4. Make Quiz in to a component
  5. Make Memoree in to a component
  6. Make Typing in to a component
  7. Make Photostream in to a component
  8. Make Conversions in to a component
  9. Make Recipes in to a component
  10. Take the other pages that remain and make them static or remove them if no longer useful
  11. Test, write test, write more tests.

So, you can see there's a heavy emphasis on one concept - a component. You may already have an idea of what a "component" is, but I'm going to give you my definition here. A Component is a bit of contained code that can be managed on its own and dropped in to various situations. Component's should not rely on anything global and should perform basic, generic functionalities.

Now, that's just the existing bits of this website that need love. There will also be some new things coming including more talk about this Components concept and how to build web apps in a sandboxed environment so that you are forced to focus on one component at a time. There will also be some chatter coming here about love2d, lua, and gamedev as a hobby.

I will also try to write about the changes I make as I go about and keep all the components hosted on my github. Until then, stay tuned!

Alternate History Beats Project

Alternate History is a beats project I conceived earlier this year and have been working on piece by piece. The more it comes together, the more I enjoy it and that's why I wanted to start sharing what I was creating. So, now you can listen to these beats too on the Alternate History page.

But, what is Alternate History exactly? Well, in this world where alternate facts exist and you don't know what's real or not, these beats have also come to exist. All the beats are chopped and arranged by me, but the acapella's are from my favorite rappers. It is the music I wish I could have created with these artists, but it wasn't my time yet so I am catching up.

There's really not much more to it than that. I create beats using a variety of methods, mostly sampling, and I strive to recreate the golden era of hip hop. If somehow you're an artist who likes these beats and wants to use them feel free to reach out to me, otherwise, it's time to just listen and enjoy!

Extra Credit Beats

Similar to last week, I had a ton of fun making beats again and I've been digging up a bunch of great loops. My favorite beat I wrote got posted in the 52 beats 2017 project for week 5, but I also created these that are pretty fun. Enjoy.

Week-End Beats

This past week was quite good to me as far as loop digging goes. So good, that I actually wrote four different beats! Each of them is a looped sample boom bap style track. I also had way too much fun putting 90's acapella's on them but I hear the lawyers find you fast when you put these up online. So, here's the instrumental versions of my prosperous weekend, enjoy.

These beats were all sampled off vinyl and then written in Logic. There's a few software instruments thrown in, heavy use of DM1, EQ and a few software effect plugins.

New Beat, New Roast

It's Monday morning so of course there's some new content available since I completed my weekly beat and weekly roast from the past week. You'll have to visit the 52 Beats and 52 Roasts pages respectively to see check out the new stuff. This week I plan on starting to put together a page full of all my MPC based beats with more info on how each are made. Also, an update to the Quiz is coming soon with fill in the blank type answers. That's it! Have a great week.

52 Beats 2017

Inspired by Weekly Beats 2016 which I participated in last year, I'm doing my own 52 Beats 2017 this year. It's basically an extension in my mind, but it might all be new to you, whomever you are. The concept is simple though: write a beat every week, all year. Last year I fell a bit short, but ended up writing about 46 beats. I'll get these together to share here, but this year I don't want to miss a week and I want to keep it hip hop focused.

Head over to the 52 Beats 2017 page I put up to keep up with the beats this year. There's already one up there to listen to!

Brain Training

Brain Training is a simple concept, but something that I spend a lot of time doing. The concept is this: do little activities, every day, that require your brain to work and it will get better at performing all activities over time. It's just like exercising, you can't binge or yo-yo, you just have to do a little bit all the time and you'll always be in shape.

There are tons of different things you can do for brain training, but my favorite is actually math and then language. To practice math, I created a generator that can come up with an infinite number of math problems for me to print out and solve. I keep a little stack of these printed out and do a few every day during that time when I want a break from a more serious task, but still want to feel a little productive. Visit the math link in the sidebar if you want to print some of these out too.

Studying a language is a great way to put your brain to work and you can study any language you want. There's a hidden bonus of also improving at your own language as you re-learn technical terms and concepts in the new language. I am trying to learn Japanese currently which is abundant with challenging tasks.

When I don't want to just solve math problems on paper I have created a few little games I host here to play. One is the classic game of "memoree" (linked in sidebar). It's a good game to play in general, but I add more variety by sometimes playing it in Japanese or using Math problems or whatever else comes to mind.

Lastly, the Quiz. Another tool that can both teach you and train your brain at the same time. Quizzes help with basic recall so I like to take them to practice language related things but math works too here and I'm sure many other things.

That's a short overview of the purpose of most everything on this site. If you're really interested in more stuff, I recommend your local newspapers and books. Thanks for reading!

Some New Stuff

I have been putting some new stuff up here so I figured I would put up a short update in case anyone comes here and finds it. For the most part, I spend my time creating beats so there's quite a few new beat posts after this one. The last two, I'm particularly proud of so be sure to listen!

Outside of that, I've built two tools now to mainly help me practice learning Japanese, but I also like to incorporate basic math because it's really really good for helping keep your brain fresh. The first of these tools is the game of Memory, or "Memoree" as the sidenav calls it. The other tool is a pretty basic multiple choice Quiz, also linked in the sidenav.

These are both tools I built from scratch using Javascript/HTML/CSS. I will get the code up on github some time and maybe even write more about how it works. So, listen to some beats and train your brain, maybe you'll even learn some Japanese!

MPC Beat: Regularly Overwritten

New MPC beat for my weekly beat. Not a lot of story to tell with this one, but it's chopped from a few sources I've forgotten now and sequenced throughout the week. I really like how this one came together, enjoy!

MPC Beat: Single

Another sampled and chopped MPC based beat. This one gives me a fridged cold vibe, which is perfect for this time of year (ignoring California weather...). Enjoy.

MPC Beat: Holy, Batman

New beat made this week for my weekly beat. I used a few records in this to sample from, all of which I picked up on my recent trip to Japan. They were pretty random, but most samples are from an OG (60's) Batman soundtrack and a drum session. I like the beat with and without the vocal samples, but I think they give it a fun narrative. Enjoy.

Vinnie Paz: Cornerstone of the Corner Store

I don't really have a lot to say about this album except that it is pretty great. All the Army of Pharoah's/Jedi Mind Tricks guys seem to put out loads of music constantly and this holds up with that tradition. There are some really gritty boombap style beats on here and a steady stream of rapping. Highly recommended if you like that sort of thing.

A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It From Here...

I really didn't expect much of anything from A Tribe Called Quest in the year 2016. I didn't expect a release at all, but I was hesitant even pressing the play button on this one. However, to my surprise, this is an incredible album.

For me, it holds up to Low End Theory in every way. It has a perfectly produced 90's-vibe and every track is worth hearing. Buy this album and give it a listen!

Listen: Tatsuro Yamashita - Melodies

I found this album when I was recently in Japan. I bought it on a whim, like I often do, but was assured it was a good find anyways. It's got some heavily 80's style upbeat songs and also ballods. I will definitely attempt to come up with a beat from this one.

Abandoned Nara Dreamland

In Nara, Japan there is a very infamous theme park named Nara Dreamland. Well, there used to be at least. Nara Dreamland closed many years ago as it was basically a Disneyland clone and Tokyo Disney took their crowd back. Dreamland sat completely intact, yet abandoned, for a long time but is now being demolished.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore Dreamland like some haikyo visitors are lucky enough to do, but I did get to peer in to it before it was completey gone. The entrance and all of main street seemed to be already destroyed along with most everything else that wasn't the giant mountain or the castle itself. The grounds were also laden with construction workers so wandering around wasn't an option.

These photos are just from the edge of the park where I couldn't be yelled at. It is sad to see something like this be destroyed, but I'm glad I got at least a glimpse in personn in to what Dreamland used to be. Also, if you climbed through the woods after seeing them covered with jorĊ spiders you're a brave, brave soul.